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boring-ness - giddymollusks
To summarize the last month, I did a whole lot of nothing. I spent a lot of time at home. Oh, but I did have some interesting outings with Aaron and Cora. Muahahahahahaha! Plastic cutlery, Satan's panties, and "horny goat weed" is all I need say.

Today was happy.

I need to go buy my textbooks, but it's too cold to walk to the bookstore. I'll just have to wear my cape and, as mother warned, "make people think I'm a devil worshiper."

I haven't played the piano in two weeks, and that makes me sad. I must start practicing again tomorrow. Now I have lovely new Ravel music to learn!

I need to review some calculus next week before my classes start.

That is all. No, that's not really all, but that's all I'm going to say today.
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