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I just returned from "Haunted Howell," the haunted house the Campus Activities Board set up in the theatre of the student center. It was amusing. On entering, the first thing one saw was fake spider webs covering nearly the entirety of the seating in the theatre; some girl runs, screaming, across the stage; in a hallway, a guy is strapped to a chair and hopping about in such a state while mumbling incoherently (he was the best, in my opinion). It wasn't at all terrifying, but it was entertaining.

There was a huge line for the haunted house (as only 10 people went through at a time), so I watched Nightmare on Elm St, which was playing on a huge screen downstairs, while waiting. That was a complete waste of time. I used to say I disliked all horror movies, but I believe I have changed my opinion. I still do not care for ridiculous ones (like the one I saw tonight) that are not truly scary but are only about nonsense terror that could never really happen, but I have decided I enjoy realistic horror movies that can truly scare me.

I only had one class today; my religion class was canceled for reasons unbeknownst to me. I made 100 on my statistics test, and that made me gleeful for a few minutes. I am a bit perplexed about how more than half the class made below 70...

After viewing the haunted theatre, I traipsed around campus for a half hour or so. Alas, it was too cold to sit and look at the stars, so I had to walk and look instead. I wandered around in my beautiful mini-forest for a few minutes, and then came back inside.

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Last night was simply delightful. Andrew and I went to a costume dance in Atlanta and learned how to dance Argentine tango (which, I did not know until last night, is different from regular tango). At the start of the evening, there was a beginners' lesson. Later, a lot of people came who obviously had a lot of experience with this particular dance. It was absolutely entrancing to watch. Wow, I would love to learn to dance like that. (Just what I need: yet another thing into which I would love to pour hours and hours of my life, as if I don't enough to do)

The place where it was held was amazing too. It was a gorgeous building! There was this great, majestic staircase in the entry room. It looked somewhat like a castle.

Oh, and the most important detail about the evening: there was a man there dressed as a pirate, and he had the most spiffy pirate hat I have ever seen. I covet that pirate hat.

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 Today a towtruck came and carried my beloved Perecles to a destination a mile away, where he will hopefully become fully operational once again very soon. I had to stand by and watch as harsh metal fastenings were attached to his delicate tires, after which he was hauled onto a metal platform and taken to the Chrysler dealership. I rode along in the tow truck (which was a new and somewhat interesting experience) and filled out some paperwork about his ailments. He shall be sorely missed these next few days.

Earlier today, before Perecles was taken away, I ran up to the student center to play the piano for a while. On my way, I discovered a delightful new spot in which to lie in the grass; I planned to return on my way back from the student center. There was almost no one out around campus today. I suppose a lot of people go home on weekends, but it seemed unusually deserted today. 

I reached the student center and headed for the ballroom. To my dismay, the doors were locked; but fortunately I decided to try them all, and the very last one was open. So I played some Chopin, Liszt, Scarlatti, Schumann, and Debussy. I also attempted an old Bach piece, but that did not go so well. I was pleased, considering I had not played in almost a week (and had not done any real practicing in several months). However, I was sad at the loss of some of my former skill. I'm going to try to start playing every day (even if the piano does have a wheel knocked off and is therefore lopsided).

On my way back to my apartment, I once again passed the wonderful spot of green and stopped to bask in the sunlight, but alas, I found that the sun was too bright for looking upward, and basking in sunlight is ruined by the necessity of closing one's eyes.

And... I am frustrated with Live Journal. Confound it! It refuses to accept any of my pictures.
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I have finally decided to start journaling online. Sadly, my physical paper journal has long been neglected, and, although I like the look of my thoughts in my own handwriting, a typed journal updated often is better than a paper journal that only receives attention once a month or so. 

Perecles has become ill. He had been having trouble starting for a few weeks, and the other day the check engine light came on. I had planned to take him to be repaired at the Chrysler dealership today. My first problem was thinking of someone to transport me back to school after leaving Perecles. I could find no one, and so planned to walk back, but Perecles would not start at all, and therefore could not be taken to be repaired. I was going to call AAA, but I was afraid it would take far too long and cause me to miss my 4:30 class. So now I am without a car for at least the next few days. I am more thankful than ever that I now live on campus.

Tomorrow I am going to a costume tango party in Atlanta with Andrew. I'm certain it will be a most delightful lark. I am to be Princess Leia. (The hairdo was quite fun to practice.) I purchased a perfect costume at the dancewear shop. I was unable to find suitable attire at any costume shop. The ballet store happens to be just behind the costume shop, and when I looked inside, I surprisingly found the perfect costume.

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