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giddymollusks's Journal

Greetings, reader of my bio. I am Carol. The following is a minuscule amount of information about who I am.

I am a sophomore at SPSU and an industrial engineering major. I transferred to SPSU from Georgia Highlands this semester. I will most likely transfer to Georgia Tech next fall, and I might possibly change my major to computer engineering.

I love school; I truly enjoy it: being in class, reading text books, even taking tests. I enjoy learning more than almost everything else, possibly most of all. I love every subject too: math, english, science, history, everything. I am determined to keep my 4.0 throughout college.

I have been playing the piano for twelve years. Music goes right up there with learning on my list of joys in life. I almost went to Shorter to major in music, but I decided on engineering. The fact that there are far more jobs in engineering helped me make a decision... Even though I decided not to pursue music as a career, I will still play the piano for the rest of my life. I also play the guitar and the flute but not as well as I play the piano. I used to sing, but I don't so much any more.

My third love is reading. (reading just for pleasure, not school-related) I like classic novels and fantasy a lot, but I can enjoy just about any book.

I'm a vegan. I do not feel that it is morally acceptable to kill or inflict pain on another living creature for my own consumption, especially since I am perfectly able to survive without the use of animal products. (I am also vegan for health reasons.)

I have abnormally long hair. I have never had it cut, only trimmed it occasionally. I keep it long because it makes me stand out and so I can do all sorts of interesting and complicated braids and such that would not be possible with shorter hair.

Limericks I like to write
They give me so much delight
I compose whene'er
I have time to spare
Even if no paper's in sight

I am quite bothered by incorrect spelling/grammar/punctuation. "Anyone who doesn't know the difference between 'it's' and 'its' should be struck by lightning, hacked into pieces, and thrown into an unmarked grave."

I have been called cynical, but I prefer "skeptical," "rational," or "logical."

I have many OCD tendencies.

I'm not really into sports, but I do enjoy some non-competitive athletic activities: swimming, ice skating, running, yoga, biking.

I love board games. Some of my favorites are: Scrabble, Risk, chess, Trivial Pursuit (LotR version!), and Othello.

If you made it this far, congratulations, you might be one of the few people in this world I like.